Located in the Phoenix metroplex, SemiGrind Corp. is the only remaining local service company specializing in semiconductor wafer backgrinding.  Founded in 1999, SemiGrind is located in Chandler, AZ near the 101 Price/202 SanTan interchange and occupies 10,000 ft² with 2000 ft² of Class 100 cleanroom space.

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More about SemiGrind

SemiGrind utilizes classic automatic 2-stage in-feed grind technologies aided by automatic laminating and delaminating capabilities.  Metrology is provided by automatic non-contact capacitance methods and backed up when necessary by digital full-contact measurements.

In addition to semi-standard 100,125,150 200mm size wafers, the company also engages in a variety of boutique processes, including, but not limited to:

  • All manner of wafer/wafer and wafer/glass bonded pairs.
  • Quartered 300mm and partial/incomplete wafers
  • Dice before grinding (DBG)
  • Ceramic and alumina substrate shaping,
  • Epoxy based film grinding.
  • Glass grinding for planarization.
  • Flipchip process solder bumped wafers.

Partnering with local specialized service companies, SemiGrind also engages in attendant processes designed to further the company’s capability.  These would include carrier wafer mounting for ultra-thin applications, a variety of stress relief methods and wafer dicing. SemiGrind is a quality-minded, quick-turn service organization designed to meet the needs of industry.